Special event

“International T.V. Festival’’. It has been held since 1995, in the month of November and represents a presentation of television achievements and works of authors from all over the world.

“The Chronicle of Bar”. It has been held in Bar since 1988, during July and August, and represents a multimedia festival with miscellaneous cultural contents: theatre plays, art exhibitions, literary events, concerts. “The Mediterranean Book Fair” became a part of “The Chronicle of Bar” in 2003, as the best illustration and presentation of a region where the first literary Slavic monument “The Genealogy of Bar” was written.

Swimming Marathon. It has been held since 1988, in August, as a traditional swimming championship, which includes the 5 km-long distance between Sutomore (Hotel “Sozina”) and Bar (Hotel “Topolica”).


“Port Cup”. This international volleyball tournament for women has been held in Bar, every August since 1992.

“The Old Olive Tree Gatherings” This traditional event has been held since 1987 in the month of November, and it is dedicated to children’s works and works for children. Children are represented by literary and art works with the theme of “Olive, Peace and Friendship’’


“Summer with stars ” In July and August, the Tourist organization Bar organizes the music concerts with singers from Montenegro and former YU republics. The concerts take place at the walk of King Nicola in Bar.

“Festival of Wine and Bleak’’ It is held in Virpazar every December. It includes various entertainment events, organised in honour of Skadar Lake, its fish and the famous wine of Crmnica.

Festival vina i ukljeve

The Olive Festivity It is organised in the Old Town of Bar. This is a presentation of famous products from this region: olive, olive oil and citrus fruits, combined with an exhibition of traditional costumes and cultural and an entertainment programme.


BAR GUITAR FEST This winter guitar school, with the aim of gathering the most successful guitar players and professors from the country and abroad is organised in Bar every January.


Days of the Mrkojević Family This is an event that is organised in Pečurice, during the last week of July. Along with enjoying various cultural and entertainment programmes, numerous guests can familiarise themselves with the rich culture and tradition of this region.

The Day of Ecology, Tourism and Culture It is organised in Murići in July and represents an authentic presentation of the tourism of Skadar Lake Murici

Мotorcycle race It takes place in the first half of May and September and it gathers the motorists from Montenegro and from all parts of former Yugoslavia.

International athletic meeting The traditional sport manifestation which takes place on May Day on sport fields of Majarica in Bar.

Days of Zagrađe This is an entertainment spectacle that is organised in the settlement of Zagrađe during July and August and which rounds up the tourist offerings of Sutomore. Zagrađe
Gatherings of farmers, vine growers, fruit growers and bee keepers This is an event that promotes the agricultural products of the Skadar Lake region, organised along with the appropriate cultural and entertainment program. It is organised in Virpazar at the beginning of September. Virpazar

Sports Games of Crmnica This manifestation includes competitions in several sport events. It is organised in Virpazar every weekend from mid-July until mid-August.

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