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Turisticka organizacija Bar


A jagged coastline and many streams on the Bar coastline have enabled a number of smaller and bigger beaches with sandbanks of fine sand and pebbles to form. In the area of the municipality of Bar, there are 20 beaches that together measure 9,000 m in length.

Natural forests with Mediterranean vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the seashore as well as rich spring waters give the beaches, whose sand heats up to 50°C, a necessary coolness.


The Queen’s Beach is located in the immediate vicinity of the summer resort Čanj, in the very north of the municipality of Bar. This small but attractive beach can be reached only from the sea. It is surrounded by sedimentary rocks. Because of the environment, beautiful sand and crystal clear sea water, this was the favourite beach of the Montenegrin queen Milena, during her stays at the residence in Topolica.
The queen never went to the beach by herself, but was always followed by the royal escort, among which were the “perjanici” (bodyguards of the Montenegrin Prince). They would bathe on a separate, neighbouring beach, which was named “Perjanička” Beach. This is a small beach in an inlet, isolated by the high cliffs and also accessible only from the sea.

CanjČANJ - BISERNA OBALA length is 1100 meters and the area of 55,000 m2. Covered with thick layers of fine and colorful sand by which it got its name.
maljevikThis is a pebble beach located between Ča­nj and Sutomore, 330 metres long and covering an area of 1,200 m2.

This is a pebble beach not far from Sutomore, 100 metres long and covering an area of 1,700 m2


It is 1,200 metres long and covers an area of 56,000 m2. The sand on this beach helps in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

plaza-inexA hotel beach, sandy, 240 m long, covering 2,400 m2

Red Beach. It is located in a small cove between Sutomore and Bar. It got its name because of the intense red colour of its sand. The beach is 50 metres long and covers an area of 600 m2.

According to legend, sea nymphs called Nereides used to gather on a high cliff above this beach and comb their hair with coral brushes. Their laughter and singing could be heard far away, but it was forbidden to speak about this, because if one did, one would be struck dumb.

zukotrlicaA pebble beach 1,000 m long, covering an area of 55,000 m2. The beach got its name from the Spanish broom trees that used to be soaked here in the sea to soften and split (“trliti”), to be prepared for weaving.
gradska-plazaThe City Beach. It is located in the centre of the town, in front of the “Topolica” Hotel. It is 750m long and covers 21,000 m2.

Crvena Stijena (Red Cliff). Small and secluded beach located behind the hill of Volujica. It can be reached only from the sea.


Veliki Pijesak (Grand Sand). It is located in the south of the municipality of Bar, 10 km from Ulcinj. It is 380 metres long and covers 12,700 m2.


Utjeha - Val Maslina ( The Olive Wave).

Located between Bar and Ulcinj, 200 metres long, it covers 5,200m2.

Murići is the biggest and most beautiful beach on the shore of the Skadar Lake, 560 metres long.


Pješačac is a sandy beach, covers 500 m2, on the shore of Skadar Lake.